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German to Dublin - Teachers Job Shadowing in Arts & Jewellery

2 German teachers completed a weeks Job Shadowing in the field of Arts in Dublin in May.

The teachers were hoping to broaden their horizons by travelling abroad and networking by meeting teachers in their field in another European country as well as meeting professionals in the field of Arts or Crafts Jewellery. Besides meeting Irish teachers, they also had the opportunity to meet Italian primary school teachers who completed a job shadowing project with WEA at the same time in Dublin.

They were also able to explore Dublin's huge variety of Art studios and galleries.

Besides the intercultural experience, they also wanted to have the opportunity of getting inspiration by networking with professionals in Dublin and exchanging work practices.

They were interested in getting to see Colleges or Universities in Ireland and exploring similarities and diversities in comparison to their own College in Germany.

What was done:

WEA scheduled a programme for 2 teachers in an arts related field, including some elements of jewellery making due to the fact that one of the teachers is not only an Art teacher but also a Goldsmith.

On their first day, the teachers went on a tour of a University led by a student ambassador including visiting a radio studio which is used by students of communication.

At another College, the teachers had the opportunity to meet several Art Teachers of diverse fields including Design, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Graphic Design, Visual Communication and Illustration.

The day after, they also got to see Trinity College including the admission to the Book of Kells and the Old Library. Trinity College is one of the main attractions of Dublin, and at the same time interesting for any teacher to explore.

Furthermore, they went to see an exhibition and attended a talk by a lecturer from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

WEA scheduled visits at some galleries and art offices, where artists and other professionals explained their programmes for children and adults. They also explained how they helped them to understand and contribute to the artistic life that surrounds them by engaging in imaginative ways with artworks in the collection, exhibitions and visual art practice.

The art teacher, who is also a Goldsmith, was interested to see the National Museum of Ireland including its impressive gold collection.They also did a tour about conservation in the conservation studios of textiles, folklife, archaeology, furniture, applied arts and ceramics.

Finally, the two teachers also went to meet an Irish Goldsmith in his craft jewellery school in Dublin and got to see his workshop and his ways of working.


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