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What to expect As a student

We help you find the right international internship to boost your career

Quality Employers

We match you with quality employers who with enhance your development and engages you. Only after receiving your CV and full details will we work to find you a position that is a great fit for you personally.

Professional Support

Be it during the application process or during the internship, we are always on hand to help. You will have a dedicated project coordinator who will be available 24/7. You will get to know them during your welcome meeting and they will be with you through until your departure.



WEA organises a variety of bespoke professional education programs that help project participants to gain valuable professional skills and knowledge and to increase their career possibilities. The training programs are an excellent way to study about specific sectors, to obtain a professional educational experience, and to improve the English language, at the same time.

Preparing to go abroad

Getting ready to go abroad begins almost as soon as you decide you want to go. As well as the formal preparation requirements of the program, there are also many other things to be considered before you jet off into the unknown.

  • Research you destination

  • Make sure you have all relevant documents e.g. passports, insurance, finance, health care.

  • Check your accommodation or if you still need help organising somewhere to stay get in touch.

  • Review our 10 Steps to Writing a Successful CV

  • Prepare your Europass CV here!

Download our Preparing to Go Abroad guide & our Student Preparation Checklist

Your Arrival

You’ve done all your preparation, packed all of your bags, and finally boarded your flight. Here’s where all the fun starts! While you will exploring and get settled into your new accommodation, you will have support from Kensho throughout your stay. Typically the first day you will have a welcome meeting where you will learn about the local area, cultural clashes, and fun facts about your destination.


This will also give you the opportunity to have a chat with a local staff member if you have any questions.

While you are abroad you will not only undertake exciting new opportunities but also watch your new language skills develop. You will also experience Kensho's 24/7 support. We will regularly touch base with you to check-in and obtain feedback about your experience.  You will be given an individual contact who will be you support who you can ask for advice or contact if your having problems. They will be with you until the completion of your project and are always happy to hear how you are getting on once you`re home!

For more information about our accommodation, from host families to self-catering see Accommodation

Or to get an idea of our cultural trips and experiences.

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